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Carboplatin has been reclassified as moderately emetogenic and antiemetics updated in the relevant protocols. Dexamethasone premedication dose has been reduced in taxane protocols with netupitant. Refer to ID 7 and attached PDF for more information.

The United Kingdom Chemotherapy Board has published Good Practice Guideline for Immuno-Oncology Medicines. These guidelines are designed to give a practical framework for the safe introduction and ongoing use of immunotherapy in existing Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT) services.

The eviQ and eviQ Education teams are currently recruiting three content author positions. Click the link to find out details.

A NEW template has been published allowing for a single protocol with multiple indications. The first example is ID 3555 metastatic nivolumab for melanoma, NSCLC and RCC (weight based dosing). A flat dosing nivolumab protocol is currently under development.