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Revision of the COSA cancer chemotherapy guidelines

The COSA guidelines for the safe prescribing, dispensing and administration of cancer chemotherapy were developed in 2008 and subsequently published in APJCO in 2010. The guideline development was a multidisciplinary collaboration to standardise the complex process of providing chemotherapy for cancer and to enhance patient safety. The guidelines are now over 5 years old and require review and updating to ensure they continue to meet the needs of all health professionals involved in the provision of cancer therapy.

A questionnaire has been developed to obtain feedback on the usefulness of the current guidelines. This has been posted on Survey Monkey and should take no more than 10 minutes of your time if you are already familiar with the guidelines. Could you please complete the survey by Friday 4th December using the following link:

New on eviQ

Oral Antineoplastic Drugs: Education module for Community Pharmacists 

This module will provide information on:

  • General principles in cancer treatment
  • Handling oral antineoplastic drugs and related wastes
  • Oral antineoplastic prescriptions and protocols
  • Adverse effects and supportive therapies
  • Drug interactions
  • Patient education

Click here to start the module.

Downloadable fact sheets for community pharmacists:

Translated Patient Information Sheets available!

eviQ has developed some new Patient Information Sheets about cancer treatments and their side effects. We hope that these will be useful for patients receiving cancer treatments, and their families.
The sheets have also been translated into 9 languages: Arabic, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, French, Greek, Italian, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese. 

Find out more here.

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Last updated 10th November 2015           

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