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About Us

eviQ Cancer Treatments Online is a point of care clinical information resource that provides health professionals with current evidence based, peer reviewed, best practice cancer treatment protocols and information. eviQ’s primary audience is health professionals, but anyone may access the information on eviQ once they have registered for a username and password. eviQ is designed to meet the needs of Australian clinical environment and supports a busy work flow in any clinical setting. This allows rural, remote and metropolitan health professionals, patients, carers and their families to access the same standard evidence based cancer treatment information.

Strategic Plan 2012 – 2015

Vision: To harness the collective expertise of health care professionals in Australia to develop an efficient, safe, quality national resource that becomes the preferred provider of evidence based cancer treatment information at the point of care.


  • To provide evidence-based information to support health professionals in the delivery of cancer treatments.


  • To provide the reference standards to support the measurement and reporting of the delivery of cancer treatments in order to determine strategies to reduce variation and improve patient outcomes.


Strategic Priorities:

  1. Maintain eviQ as a quality resource providing standardised treatment information for use at the point of care
  2. Establish optimal use of the eviQ content and resources
  3. Understand the variations in cancer treatments through data collection and analysis 
  4. Develop a sustainable national model for eviQ to become the preferred source of evidence based cancer treatment information in Australia


eviQ and the Cancer Institute NSW

eviQ is staffed by a small team that sits within the Cancer Institute NSW (CINSW) . CINSW was established in July 2003 through the Cancer Institute (NSW) Act 2003 to lessen the impact of cancer in NSW. The CINSW is funded by the NSW State Government and governed by the Cancer Institute NSW Board. The CINSW reports directly to the Minister for Health and Medical Research. The objectives of the Cancer Institute NSW are to: 

  • reduce the incidence of cancer in the community
  • increase the survival rate for cancer patients
  • improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their carers
  • provide a source of expertise on cancer control for the government, health service providers, medical researchers and the general community.


eviQ Origins

In 2004 the Cancer Institute NSW assumed responsibility for an intranet cancer treatment resource that was developed by Professor Robyn Ward and utilised in the South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service. The resource detailed medical oncology and haematology treatment information for medical officers, nurses and pharmacists involved in cancer care and was created to reduce cancer treatment variation and provide patient information on cancer treatments. The Cancer Institute NSW made the resource available as an internet website in August 2005 and named it Cancer Institute's Standard Cancer Treatments Program (CI-SCaT). Due to its popularity and the need for greater functionality and additional content, CI-SCaT was rebuilt and rebranded eviQ Cancer Treatments Online. eviQ was launched in October 2009.


A National Program

In March 2012 eviQ began working towards a national eviQ program. Up until this time eviQ had been primarily a NSW focused resource. As registrant numbers and interstate use increased, it became clear a national model for eviQ was necessary to provide a wider pool of clinical expertise for contribution to protocol development and review and therefore continue to ensure the quality and currency of the eviQ content. By the end of 2013 Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) were in place with every state and territory in Australia. These agreements endorsed eviQ as a preferred source of evidence based cancer treatment information in Australia and commit to allow interstate clinicians to travel to participate in eviQ reference committee activities for protocol and content development and review. The first eviQ National Advisory Board meeting was held in March 2014. eviQ Reference Committees now have wide representation from all Australian states and territories.


International eviQ

eviQ has an increasing number of international users. eviQ has been used in 148 countries with approximately 9% of its 54,000 registered users located outside of Australia. In late 2014 eviQ began work to forge closer ties with the international cancer community. This activity includes:


How to reference eviQ

eviQ recommends that you use the Harvard AGPS referencing style to reference the eviQ website or specific eviQ content.

To cite the eviQ website as a whole:

Author (the person or organisation responsible for the site) Year (that the site was created or last revised), name and place of the sponsor of the source, viewed Day Month Year,<URL>.

e.g. eviQ Cancer Treatments Online 2011, Cancer Institute NSW, viewed 7 July 2011,

To cite a page on the eviQ website:

Title Year, version number (if applicable), description of document (if applicable), name and place of the sponsor of the source, viewed Day Month Year,<URL either full location details or just the main site details>.

e.g. Resource Document – Asparaginase 2011 V.1, eviQ Cancer Treatments Online, Cancer Institute NSW, viewed 7 July 2011,

For further information or to provide feedback:

Please contact us at email: or phone: + 61 2 8374 3670 (Standard Operating Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time (ETA) Monday - Friday)

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