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eviQ is a program within the Cancer Services and Information Division, Cancer Institute NSW. We are located at:
Level 9
8 Central Avenue
Australian Technology Park

Tel: eviQ + 61 2 8374 3670 
       eviQ Professional Education + 61 2 8374 3568 
Fax: + 61 2 8374 3600
Email: eviQ
          eviQ Professional Education

Emails sent to this address are forwarded to the appropriate person for action.
Standard Operating Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time (ETA) Monday - Friday

We value your feedback; and welcome any questions, concerns or comments; please click the feedback button in each protocol to ask us anything relating to the information on eviQ. If you are unable to send your feedback or ask your questions in this way, please contact us by phone during Standard Operating Hours. Alternatively we have an email account or contact a member of the team as below.

The eviQ Team

Aimee Kim - Haematology/BMT/Pharmacy

Aisling Kelly - eviQ Quality Manager/Pharmacy

Cassandra O'Brien - Cancer Genetics/Medical Oncology/Nursing (Upper GI, Colorectal, Melanoma)

Catherine Westaway - Project Officer

Gemma Dyer - Cancer Genetics/BMT/Nursing

Jill Graham - Radiation Oncology

Julia Shingleton - eviQ Content Manager/Pharmacy

Liesel Byrne - Medical Oncology/Pharmacy (Urogenital)

Lisa King - Medical Oncology/Nursing (Lung, Head & Neck, Sarcoma)

Marie Brand - Health Literacy and Patient Information

Patricia Ryan - Haematology/BMT/Nursing

Philippa McGann - Medical Oncology/Pharmacy (Breast, Gynaecological, Neurological)

Thanos Lygdas - Program Manager 

 Last updated 29 August 2016