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Note: It is advised that all health professionals refer to the Pill ID function within MIMS Online to search for tablet/capsule image by brand, generic or therapeutic class, as this table is no longer updated. 

The following table of oral cytotoxic agents is intended as a guide for health professionals to assist in the safe handling and the safe administration of these drugs. This list should not be construed as complete representation of all oral cytotoxic agents used in cancer care.

It is important that when administering oral antineoplastic agents that chemoprotectant gloves are worn and that the 'non touch technique' is used when handling.r When administering uncoated tablets international agencies such as the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) recommends that full personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn when handling due to the risk associated with potential drug aerosolisation and inhalation of drug.r

Generic drug name Brand name(s) Coating



Myleran® 2 mg film coated tablet

Capecitabine Xelabine® 150 mg film coated tablet No image available
500 mg film coated tablet
Xelocitabine® 150 mg film coated tablet No image available
500 mg film coated tablet
Xeloda® 150 mg film coated tablet

500 mg film coated tablet

Cyclophosphamide Cycloblastin® 50 mg film coated tablet
Endoxan® 50 mg film coated tablet

No image available

Chlorambucil Leukeran® 2 mg film coated tablet

Etoposide Vepesid® 50 mg capsule

100 mg capsule

Fludarabine Fludara®

10 mg film coated tablet

Hydroxyurea Hydrea® 500 mg capsule

No image available

Idarubicin Zavedos® 5 mg capsule

10 mg capsule

Lomustine CeeNU® 10 mg capsule

40mg capsule

No image available

100 mg capsule
Melphalan Alkeran® 2 mg film coated tablet

Mercaptopurine Puri-Nethol® 50 mg uncoated tablet

Methotrexate Methoblastin® 2.5 mg uncoated tablet

10 mg uncoated tablet

Procarbazine Natulan® 50 mg capsule



Orion Temozolomide®



5 mg capsule

20 mg capsule

100 mg capsule

140 mg capsule

180 mg capsule

250 mg capsule

Tioguanine Lanvis® 40 mg uncoated tablet

No image available

Vinorelbine Navelbine® 20 mg capsule

No image available

30 mg capsule

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