Opioid Conversion Calculator:

Version 3 has undergone significant updates. Consult the history section for comprehensive details.

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Intention of use
  • Familiarity is important for safe prescribing of opioids and clinicians need to have a good understanding of pain management and equianalgesic conversions before using this calculator. Its use should not replace the need for education in the area of equianalgesic dosing.
  • The calculator provides conversions from one opioid to another and/or from one route of administration to another, to be used as a guide only. It is not tailored to any specific pain syndrome or for utilisation by specific healthcare professionals.
  • The calculator does not provide clinical guidance on therapeutic use of opioids e.g. initiating, tapering or stopping opioids; drug-drug interactions, side effects or dosing in renal/hepatic impairment or any other special populations. Long-term opioid therapy for chronic non-cancer pain remains controversial. Refer to guidance for opioid use in chronic non-cancer pain.
  • Clinical judgement should always be used while switching opioids. Medical and psychosocial factors and clinical care environment need to be assessed prior to opioid rotation.

Disclaimer: The Cancer Institute NSW does not warrant or represent that the information is free from errors or omission. Furthermore, changes in circumstances after the time of publication of the information may impact on the accuracy of the information. The user agrees not to hold the Cancer Institute NSW or any of its officers, employees or contractors liable in any way for use and/or outcomes brought about through the use of any information obtained from the opioid calculator. The doses are calculated as a guideline only, based on currently published conversion factors and may differ from those used in your institution. Clinical application of any information obtained from the opioid calculator is the sole responsibility of the user.

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