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 eviQ Acknowledgements

eviQ Vision:

To harness the collective expertise of health care professionals in Australia to develop an efficient, safe, quality national resource that becomes the preferred provider of evidence based cancer treatment information at the point of care.

Professor Robyn Ward, eviQ program director

"Since its humble beginnings in 2000, eviQ has grown to become the preeminent point of care resource for cancer health professionals in Australia. In 2012, eviQ had over 20,000 registrants and it was part of the fabric of every cancer centre in the country. Why is eviQ successful? The answer lies in the faces linked from this page and the many hundreds of other health professionals like them. In particular, the reference group chairs play a pivotal and challenging role in overseeing the development of eviQ content. They are front-line guardians of the eviQ governance process, arbitrators in debates over interpretation of evidence and clinical practice, and wise content experts. As reference group chairs, the clinicians linked from this page have demonstrated an extraordinary and lasting commitment to cancer care in Australia. On behalf of eviQ, I gratefully acknowledge this important contribution and thank them for providing role models to the next generation of cancer care professionals."

Reference Committee Office Bearers

  • Select here to meet the current and past chairs and co chairs of the eviQ reference committees. 

Reference Committee Members

  • Select here to view the hundreds of clinicians across Australia who have worked with the eviQ team and support the development and review of eviQ content. 
  • Select here to view the clinicians across Australia who have worked with the eviQ Education team supporting the development and review of eviQ Education content.

Last updated 27 August 2015