To see all protocols that comply with the WHO Essential Medicine List 

Navigating eviQ

We have a number of navigation videos to help familiarise you with our new site. Link to the navigation videos.
You can also find these from the homepage:

All protocol information is contained within sections. To open a section, click on the + as below. Use the floating menu located on the left of the screen to navigate to specific sections of the page, expand, collapse and go back to the top of the page.

To save a page as a favourite for quick access later, you will need to log in to eviQ, locate and click on the star icon. 
This icon is available either 

  • at the top of each protocol page, or
  • to the right of the protocol list for each type of cancer.

To find what  changes have been made to a protocol over its lifetime, click on ‘View history’ indicated by the calendar icon  at the top right of each protocol page.

To print a protocol, click on the printer icon  at the top right of each protocol page. You can select to print some or all sections of the protocol. This will save as a PDF which can be printed

 Please note that the information on pages is updated regularly and users need to ensure that they are using the most up-to-date version of eviQ content in a clinical situation.

On each protocol, click the patient icon  in the top bar to open  to the associated patient sheet. You can also access the patient information sheets by clicking on the patient and carers menu.

Protocol specific calculators:

In each protocol, click the calculator icon  in the top bar to open the associated calculator.

Other calculators:

Non-protocol specific calculators can be accessed from ‘Clinical resources> eviQ calculators’.

To submit feedback to the eviQ team click on the Contact us link on the bottom of every page and either complete the Feedback form or email

To view any updates to protocols over the past 90 days, open the content area homepage where you will find the details. .
In addition, you can register for automatic email notifications of new and updated protocols by entering your email address in the Stay up to date section at the bottom of any page.

No, you will not need to subscribe again to remain on the updates list.