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Technical information

eviQ uses modern web standards that may require some changes to your web browser.  Here are some simple steps that may help resolve issues accessing eviQ:


  1. Use an up-to-date web browser such as Google Chrome. You can download Google Chrome for free and can install it on most computers.
  2. Try accessing eviQ on a device that is not connected to your hospital network. For example try on your phone using your phone data (i.e. with wifi turned off). If there are no problems accessing on an external device, then the problem may lie with the computer settings or the hospital network.
  3. Contact your hospital IT department. There may be settings on the computer or network that need to be adjusted to work with eviQ.
  4. If none of the above steps work, then contact eviQ at Please provide further information by pressing F12 in your browser and selecting the 'Console' tab. Take a screen shot or a photo of this screen and email through to eviQ so we have more information to diagnose the problem.

You may have an issue with the browser you are using. The eviQ website does NOT support IE9 or IE8. This means that some aspects of the site will only function correctly if you use Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) or above.

If you are currently using IE9 or older, we recommend upgrading your browser or using an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox. If you work in a hospital, you may need to contact your IT department to do this. You can find out which browser and version you are currently using on your computer via this link: Please contact us if you have any queries about browser compatibility via

If you are using IE10 or above and are still experiencing issues with the eviQ website please email or fill in the feedback form.